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Take a Tour of Jane’s San Fernando Valley

Year of Jane Russell: Day 293

Tomorrow (10/21) at 6:30pmPST, I’ll be doing a FREE virtual program which explores all of Jane’s homes in the San Fernando Valley over the years. To register for the program, sponsored by the Studio City Library and the Studio City Neighborhood Council, go here:


Slight Authenticity

Year of Jane Russell: Day 292

Hot Blood may have not been the film Nick Ray originally envisioned, but there were aspects of it he was still immensely proud of which he felt accurately reflected customs of the Romani people.  

Hot Blooded Portrait

Year of Jane Russell: Day 291

Here’s another stunning portrait of Jane in Hot Blood.

More Hot Blood Horseplay

Year of Jane Russell: Day 290

Turns out, I own a lot of publicity photos from Hot Blood. Here’s another of Jane and shirtless Cornel Wilde.

More Hot Blood Photoshoot Fun

Year of Jane Russell: Day 289

Here’s another pic from the Hot Blood publicity shoot with Jane and Cornel Wilde. It’s one of my favorite sessions from any of Jane’s films. 

Spirited Photo Shoot

Year of Jane Russell: Day 288

Despite its shortcomings, Hot Blood is beautifully shot in Cinemascope and Technicolor and is gorgeous to look at. Plus Jane and Cornel Wilde look like they had a heck of good time doing this photo shoot. 

Jane and Nicholas Ray

Year of Jane Russell: Day 287

Jane had long wanted to work with director Nicholas Ray, but the shoot on Hot Blood was unpleasant for both. Jane was exhausted and Ray had lost his enthusiasm for the project after working on Rebel Without a Cause.

Lakershim Location Shoot

Year of Jane Russell: Day 286

Hot Blood was mainly shot at the Columbia Ranch (now Warner Bros.) in Burbank. One reoccurring location was at Lankershim & Hatteras in North Hollywood. It’s right around the corner from my house, so I’m often reminded of this film.

Exhausted Actress

Year of Jane Russell: Day 285

By the time Jane reported to Columbia for Hot Blood she had been working non-stop for a couple of years and was exhausted. It was a rare instance when she did not enjoy making a film

Casting Choices

Year of Jane Russell: Day 284

Nicholas Ray always wanted Jane for the lead in Hot Blood, and originally wanted Marlon Brando for the male lead. He wasn’t available so Cornel Wilde was ultimately cast.