That’s a Wrap!

Year of Jane Russell: Day 365

That’s a wrap! Thanks to those who came along for this ride and (hopefully) read my JR book! I still have dozens (and dozens more) pics I didn’t share, so maybe I’ll post some every so often. Happy New Year!

House in the Clouds

Year of Jane Russell: Day 364

Jane’s “house in the clouds” had a long steep driveway leading up to it. Photographer’s loving capturing photos of Jane in her convertible driving up to it.  

Music Lover

Year of Jane Russell: Day 363

Jane was a avid music fan, and especially love to listed to jazz. When designing her home with Kemper Nomland Jr., she made sure to include a designated space for her record collection and Seeburg console. 

Jane Cave

Year of Jane Russell: Day 362

Jane’s Sherman Oaks home had many large windows letting in a lot natural light, but this was not the case with her bedroom. She wanted it dark as a cave for uninterrupted sleep.

Design by Kemper Nomland Jr.

Year of Jane Russell: Day 361

Jane’s mid-Century Modern home was designed by Kemper Nomland Jr., but Jane worked closely with him along the way. The decor had an East Asian influence which she was very interested in during the late 1940s.

Round Valley Drive

Year of Jane Russell: Day 360

There’s only a few days left in the Year of Jane Russell, so I thought I would use them posting pics of my favorite Jane subject: her mid-Century modern home in the hills above Sherman Oaks. Enjoy! 

Merry Christmas

Year of Jane Russell: Day 359

Wishing all my fellow Jane fans who celebrate a safe and joy-filled Christmas.

Last of the Negatives

Year of Jane Russell: Day 358

This additional view of Jane decorating a Christmas tree is the last image from the amazing stash of 8×10 negatives we’ve been looking at throughout the year.

Jane Trims a Tree

Year of Jane Russell: Day 357

I was feeling under the weather yesterday (not COVID), and missed the post! As we head into the waning days of the Year of Jane Russell, here’s a shot of her trimming a Christmas tree.


Year of Jane Russell: Day 355

Shhhh…Jane won’t tell where the Christmas presents are hidden if you won’t!