Another Lobby Card from “Young Widow”

Year of Jane Russell: Day 102

Here’s another (and quite stunning) lobby card from Young Widow. Jane’s wardrobe in the film was more conservative than her other roles, though a swimsuit scene was added to live up to the Howard Hughes JR hype of the previous five years.

Jane, Jack, and an Outlaw Blimp

Year of Jane Russell: Day 101

The Outlaw seemed to be a never ending saga for Jane and costar Jack Buetel. Here they are in 1946, a full five years after wrapping on the film, christening a promotional blimp for a limited release of the film.

Jane Appears on the Steel Pier

Year of Jane Russell: Day 100

Even though The Outlaw finished filming in 1941, it was gradually screened throughout the decade and Jane was often required to go on the road to make personal appearances. This snapshot of an unidentified gal in 1946 shows just how prominently Jane was advertised when appearing in Atlantic City on the Boardwalk’s Steel Pier.


“Young Widow” Lobby Card

Year of Jane Russell: Day 99

Here’s an original lobby card from Young Window. The film didn’t do much for Jane’s career. In later years she often quoted a film review that said – if the young widow had only died with her husband, this film need not ever have been made.

The Triumph of Jane Russell

Year of Jane Russell: Day 98

When this publication was released, Jane had appeared in TWO films in five years. She was seldom short on Howard Hughes-fueled publicity.

Jane in 1946

Year of Jane Russell: Day 97

Here’s Jane in 1946, around the time Young Widow was released. At the time, she was primarily a homemaker in Van Nuys and despite all the previous publicity for The Outlaw, had not yet fully transformed into a polished larger than life movie star.

First in Line to See Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 96

Howard Hughes released The Outlaw on a limited basis in early 1946, which meant Young Widow, also released in ’46 was the first opportunity many moviegoers had to see Jane in action. This proved too good a publicity angle for one theatre who released this image of an impatient JR fan.

Jane and Louis Hayward on the Set of “Young Widow”

Year of Jane Russell: Day 95

As Howard Hughes continued to delay the release of The Outlaw, he finally allowed Jane to appear in a second film by loaning her out to Hunt Stromberg for Young Widow. Here she is with co-star Louis Hayward on the set of the film in 1945.

Happy Easter with Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 94

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter Sunday. Here’s a lovely portrait of Jane wearing a top that screams SPRING to me.

Jane and John Payne

Year of Jane Russell: Day 93

In the late summer of 1942, Jane and Robert Waterfield took a break from their relationship, and Jane entered into an intense romance with actor John Payne. They would joke that if they were married, she would become Jane Payne. Here they are at the premiere of Pied Piper.