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Outside the Chapel and Eagle’s Nest

Year of Jane Russell: Day 136

The Cosmopolitan cover story of Jane’s strong spiritual faith included this great exterior image of the chapel her mother had built on the Russell family property in Van Nuys.

Cosmo Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 135

This 1954 issue of Cosmopolitan featured a lengthy article about Jane’s Christian faith. This was something she was always very vocal about.

It’s a Jane Movie-World

Year of Jane Russell: Day 134

This lovely May 1952 issue hof Movie-World screams JANE RUSSELL in the best possible way!

Jane on Filmland

Year of Jane Russell: Day 133

This issue of Filmland from August 1951 is the classic Jane we’ve come to know, made up as Julie Benton in Macao.

Catty Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 132

This May 1951 issue of Television and Screen Guide is one of my favorite Jane covers. It’s han unusual look for her with that hair style and the cat makes me want to turn it into some sort of Halloween decor!

Quick Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 131

Compared to the magazine covers from the last two days, this November 1951 issue of the digest-sized Quick is positively demure. It’s also shows the many looks Jane could pull off.

One More From Paris Hollywood

Year of Jane Russell: Day 130

Here’s another issue of Paris Hollywood with Jane on the cover, dated June 1948. This publication favored the more cheesecake images of Jane.

Jane on the Cover of Paris Hollywood, November 1947

Year of Jane Russell: Day 129

Jane remained a cover girl favorite throughout her career. I thought we could spend a few days exploring some of her magazine covers. Here’s Paris Hollywood from November 1947.

Continuous Cover Girl

Year of Jane Russell: Day 128

Even though Jane didn’t make many movies in the 1940s, magazine publishers saw her as a selling point and continued to use her on the covers of their publications. Here’s an issue of the French Hebdo from 1947

Cinémonde Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 127

The Paleface was a hit with audiences and gave Jane’s film career a much needed boost. Her appeal even extended overseas. Here’s Jane on the cover of the French publication Cinémonde.