More Jane in Color

Year of Jane Russell: Day 255

Here’s another fabulous color photo of Jane. This one was taken at the home in Sherman Oaks she helped design with architect Kemper Nomland Jr.

Malibu Getaway

Year of Jane Russell: Day 254

Here’s a lovely color pic of Jane at her Malibu home in the 1950s, where the family would escape the San Fernando Valley heat during the summer.

That Film Needed Marilyn

Year of Jane Russell: Day 253

One of the problems with Gentlemen Marry Brunettes is that it deceptively sets the viewer up to watch a sequel to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but doesn’t deliver. The film “needed Marilyn,” Jane later mused. “No
doubt about it.”

Back With Hughes

Year of Jane Russell: Day 252

Jane’s first foray into independent producing with Gentlemen Marry Brunettes was bumpy and probably contributed to her decision to sign a third and final contract with Howard Hughes.

Some Fun

Year of Jane Russell: Day 251

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes is not the strongest title in Jane’s filmography, but it does have some high energy moments that are a lot of fun.

They Just Weren’t Broad Enough

Year of Jane Russell: Day 250

Despite its large budget, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes did not resonate with audiences. Jane later said, “I felt that a big expensive production was being hung on my shoulders, and they just weren’t broad enough.”

Offsetting a Big Budget

Year of Jane Russell: Day 249

A lot of cash was sunk into Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, but the casting of Alan Young and Scott Brady as the romantic leads appeared to be a budget conscious decision. Young later joked, “Jane was the
big budget; I sure wasn’t!”

Double Role

Year of Jane Russell: Day 248

In Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, Jane got to play two generations of women. Here she is with Rudy Valle and Guy Middleton playing the mother of her main character at the end of the film.

Not a Sequel

Year of Jane Russell: Day 247

Even though Anita Loos wrote a continuation of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes called Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, this film was not a sequel and did not draw off of the source material.

Travilla Gone Wild

Year of Jane Russell: Day 246

The location shoot on Gentlemen Marry Brunettes ran long and cut into the holidays, forcing Jane to be away from her family. It was a unhappy experience for her, but at least Travilla’s costumes were a lot of fun!