Publicity Shot for “His Kind of Woman”

Year of Jane Russell: Day 3

We continue looking at the collection of original 8×10” negatives I recently obtained with this publicity shot from 1951’s His Kind of Woman, one of two films Jane made opposite the great Robert Mitchum. Howard Greer designed the costumes for the film, and while they’re not as striking as the Michael Woulfe designs of Macao (Jane’s other film with Mitch), they’re still quite wonderful. This is the dress she wears for her introductory scene in His Kind of Woman, sans the wrap and hat. In the scene she casually sings “Five Little Miles From San Berdoo” in a dive bar while looking every inch the movie star. It’s one of my favorite Jane scenes and the look on Mitch’s face when he first lays eyes on her is priceless!

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