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Happy 100th Jane!

Year of Jane Russell: Day 171

Today marks what would have been Jane’s 100th birthday! She left a lot of herself for us to enjoy, so put on your favorite Jane Russell film today (or discover one you haven’t seen)!

Or you can join me and Larry Edmunds Bookshop for a virtual celebration at 6pm PST! Register HERE.

An Eventful Weekend of Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 167

As we rapidly approach Jane’s centennial on Monday, June 21st, just a reminder that we have events scheduled all weekend to celebrate!

First up is an in-person (yes, IN PERSON) book signing and reception.
Saturday, June 19th 4-6pm
Larry Edmunds Bookshop
6644 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Next up is the virtual Hollywood Kitchen, where I’ll be discussing Jane’s hatred of cooking with the fabulous Karie Bible! 

Sunday, June 20th 2:30pm

Finally, for Jane’s actual birthday, I am back at Larry Edmunds Bookshop for a virtual event!

Register here:

Hope you can celebrate Jane with one of these events! 

It’s Publication Day!

Year of Jane Russell: Day 165

Today is officially the day that Mean…Moody…Magnificent! Jane Russell and the Marketing of a Hollywood Legend is released into the world!

I had to look back through my emails to figure out when I settled on Jane as a subject, which was 2015. I submitted the manuscript to University Press of Kentucky a little over a year ago, so the project took five years, which is a far cry from my 15 odyssey with Ann Dvorak! This publication day feels a different as well. The night before the Dvorak book came out, I was a nervous wreck and could not sleep. Last night, I was out like a light, though this can easily be attributed to pandemic fatigue along with my return to the library I work at after a year of telecommuting.

Not to say I’m calm. I’ve been steadily nauseous the last 24 hours and I hope my plan to avoid all Amazon and Goodreads reviews holds. It’s officially out of my hands and I hope I’ve done Jane Russell’s life and career justice.

To celebrate, I have two events scheduled with the always fabulous Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood:
First up is an in-person (yes, IN PERSON) book signing and reception.

Saturday, June 19th 4-6pm

Larry Edmunds Bookshop

6644 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Can’t make it in person because you’re on the other side of the country (or world), or just aren’t ready to re-enter society? No problem! We also have a virtual event planned: Monday, June 21st, 6pmRegister here:

For this one, I am going to be *gulp* playing guitar and singing songs from some of Jane’s films for her 100th birthday. Kind of a Jane Russell Storytellers for all you VH1 fans.

Hope you can make it to one of these events. If you still need to order a copy of the book and can’t make it to the in-person signing, Larry Edmunds still has you covered:

With much love and appreciation.

Love for Jane at Turner Classic Movies

Year of Jane Russell: Day 161

Do you know what I’m doing in this photo? If you guessed Zooming in with TCM host Alicia Malone to discuss the Jane Russell book, you’d be correct! They’ll be celebrating Jane’s centennial the week of June 21, with The Outlaw, The Paleface, and His Kind of Woman airing on June 25th!

Love for Jane Over at Architectural Digest

Year of Jane Russell: Day 160

I am a sucker for Los Angeles architecture, so the chapter I most enjoyed writing was the one all about the fabulous Mid-Century Modern home in Sherman Oaks that she helped design with architect Kemper Nomland Jr. I am over the moon that Architectural Digest found Jane’s interest in design fascinating and has published an article all about it. Read it here and enjoy! 


All About Jane & Marilyn Over at the Little Miss Movies Podcast

Year of Jane Russell: Day 159

One of my family’s stay at home projects the past few months is the Little Miss Movies Podcast where my husband and I make our 10-year-old daughter watch movies and then discuss them with her. In honor of the Jane Russell book coming out, this week’s focuses on that most wonderful film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Take a listen on the podcast website or wherever you might consume your favorite audio shows. 


Getting Close

Year of Jane Russell: Day 157

Image Courtesy of Larry Edmunds Bookshop

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jeff over at Larry Edmunds Bookshop and signing the piles of Jane Russell books that have arrived! It’s not too late to order a signed copy.

Just a reminder that I’ll be doing an in-person launch at Larry Edmunds on Saturday, June 19th from 4-6pm and will be doing a virtual event with them on Monday, June 21st. More details on that soon!

IN PERSON Book Release Party at Larry Edmunds

Year of Jane Russell: Day 156

We are 10 days away from the release of Mean…Moody…Magnificent! Jane Russell and the Marketing of a Hollywood Legend!  I didn’t think it would be possible, but we are going to have an old fashioned in-person book release! 

Saturday, June 19, 4-6pm
Larry Edmunds Bookshop
6644 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90028

It’ll be super low key with some cool Jane Russell items from my collection on display and plenty of copies of the book which I will be on hand to sign. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hi! 

My George McFly Moment With Jane

Year of Jane Russell: Day 153

Back when my first book Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel came out, I wrote about how receiving the book in the mail reminded me of the Back to the Future when George McFly, who is a published author in the altered 1985, receives a box of his latest book. It may sound silly, but that was the part of the film that made a huge impression on me as a kid. From that moment on, I wanted to have my George McFly moment. I got to enjoy one in 2013 with Ann Dvorak, and this week, I got to have my George McFly moment with Jane when I received my box of Mean…Moody…Magnificent!

Just to see how much things have changed in 7+ years, here’s the kiddo and me the first time around. 

Live Event on May 30th: Classic Movie Hub Screen Classics Discussion Series

Year of Jane Russell: Day 144

On Sunday, May 30th at 6pm PST, I’ll be talking all about Jane Russell live with Andrew Erish, author of the upcoming Vitagraph: America’s First Great Motion Picture Studio, as well as Col. William N. Selig, the Man Who Invented Hollywood. It should be a blast so tune in at: