Van Nuys High School, 1939

Year of Jane Russell: Day 18

Here are few more pics from Jane’s days as a student at Van Nuys High School. The copy of the 1939 yearbook I have has three signatures, including one next to a moody portrait where Jane was listed as a “personality.”

A collage of photos shows Jane with a fella named Chuck, which she also signed.

Jane isn’t in this image of the drama club, but in the first row on the far left is Jane’s dear friend, Pat Dawson, who was the daughter of Academy Award winning film editor Ralph Dawson. Pat’s mom thought Jane had film star potential and took her to meet agent Charles Feldman, who politely declined, saying he only represent established talent. Jane would tease him about that later.

Also in the first row, second from the right, is Jim Dougherty, who Jane acted with in some of the school’s productions. In 1942 he married a 16-year-old named Norma Jeane Baker. She would file for divorce four years later and go onto international stardom under the name Marilyn Monroe.

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