Hurrell, Jane Russell, and The Outlaw

Year of Jane Russell: Day 32

Jane Russell on the cover of US Camera, dramatically lit

Once production on The Outlaw wrapped, Jane’s full time job became posing for photographers, who produced thousands of publicity shots that landed in newspapers and on the covers of magazines around the world. It was inevitable that publicist Russell Birdwell would send Jane to George Hurrell.

Hurrell, now considered the grandfather of Hollywood glamour photography, was a master at his craft. His use of light and shadow was extraordinary and many have tried to replicate his style. He photographed pretty much all of the big stars of the day and was well established by the time Jane showed up at his studio. Both were no-nonsense types and got along great.

Hurrell photographed Jane on at least three different occasions for The Outlaw. The first time, was a very typical Hurrell glamour shoot which was covered in the January 1942 issue of US Camera. Not only did they have a behind the scenes pictorial of Hurrell and Jane during the shoot, but they put her on the cover.

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